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Removed about 10 journals and blogs from my LJ and now it only takes me a few minutes to read. Some people were spamming up the place. I'm looking at you, failblog.

Had a weird dream last night, but it's a part of a series of recurring dreams I have where I own this little occult/weirdness shop. In this dream, the occult shop closed down because we couldn't pay rent, but we went back to re-open it after (for some reason) going to a Baptist Church service. We found out that one of the back rooms contained a loom and like spider-web covered walls and walls of embroidery floss. Also, we decided I'd do tarot readings in a closet, and my name would be Madame Pretrovka.

This dream was much better than the dream I had the night before, which was about trying to get to THERE from HERE via a maglev trolley. Except an evil trolley agent wouldn't let anyone get on the trolley and instead put us into concentration-camp-type groups at the trolley station and did weird psychological experiments on us. We were forced to play timed boggle and told we were stupid. Very odd.

Steven bought some stuff that is supposed to help you lucid dream. But, I haven't tried it yet. Seriously, my dreams are already bizarre. I worry about making them more bizarre.

Been having fun playing with my new Nook. I bought a little card thingy that you put in and then it will boot as an Android device. I'm excited about that. It sucks that it does not have GPS, 3G/4G, or a camera. But, my iPhone has those things, so...yay.

Oh, for recent movie watching, I have seen:

Bunraku -- Excellent movie fun. I recommend it to anyone who likes things like Kung Fu Hustle or Kick Ass. Just sort of an off-beat hero movie with some great actors in it. (Ron Perlman? Woody Harrelson? Gackt? Demi Moore?) Okay, I could take or leave Demi. But the rest did a pretty darn good job.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil -- Did you like Evil Dead? Do you generally like movies were annoying preppy types get killed in horrible ways? If so, I completely recommend this movie where two very sweet hillbillies are mistaken for serial killers by some self-absorbed college kids. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to hug the hillbillies. Okay, I lied about the crying part.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon -- This starts out as a "documentary" about a guy who is trying to become the newest "big serial killer". It turns into something completely different. The first half of the movie is full of LULZ. The second half of the movie is full of sweet, awesome, bloodfest.

Anyway, I recommend all three! :D

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